Domain Registation 101


A domain as it relates to the internet is a short nickname for a URL, which points to the website. So, for example, is the entire URL and “” is the domain name for the website. Only one business or individual can have access to a domain name at one given time. In fact, that name is paid for and registered to one individual or business and will remain so as long as the yearly fee is paid.

Why Use a Domain Name?

It is much easier to remember than a long or complicated URL. A domain name helps brand the company and can be almost anything that someone can think of. But most importantly it should be a word or phrase that relates to the type of company or services being provided.

How to Register

A business or individual can register a domain through a registrar. There’s many from which to choose, but the most familiar names are Go Daddy. However, web hosting companies, such as HostGator or Bluehost offer free domain registration with their hosting packages. These aren’t the only options but are very popular choices.

The process to register a domain is as simple as typing the name in the search field to see if it is available. If available, the purchase can be made immediately. If the name isn’t available, search results will offer similar domains that are available. Once the name is purchased it needs a place to park.

Web Hosting

A web hosting company offers a place to park a domain. In other words, without web hosting a domain name doesn’t have much value. That’s why many individuals and businesses go through a hosting company to secure the domain. The process it just as easy and convenient because there is no domain transfer needed. The web hosting business is competitive so there are plenty of incentives to go with one company over another.

The process of registering a domain name is simple. Choosing which route to take requires a little more thought. A thorough review of what services are being offered compared to the company’s needs should make the choice easier.