The Betting Culture in Italy

The phenomenon of betting sites in Italy has exploded in the last two decades and is relatively recent if it is compared with the centuries-old English tradition. In the countries of Great Britain, focusing on any type of event and in the most disparate ways is a custom long established. It is no coincidence that in our country overseas bookmakers who want to import a culture to which Italians were not accustomed are increasing dramatically. For years and years educated to play the Totocalcio card, the people of the Boot have gradually discovered the fun that you can try to bet money on markets other than the 1X2 and to be able to play even on midweek events and not only on those scheduled on weekends. Such freedom of action has led to current popularity. The data on the sports betting sector reported by AGIMEG regarding 2015 are particularly significant …


Synthetic Somatology

The discovery of DNA led to a great interest into the building block of life, especially human life, and this is why genome research is popular with many scientists. Cloning is one of the more major and controversial discoveries in this field with many opposing the process. Cloning which involves producing or creating either a cell of an organism or an entire organism has been the subject of many genome research studies. Human cloning in particular is picking up despite numerous objections from religions, politicians and the general public. This is mainly due to the fact that many find it immoral and ethically incorrect to create a being with identical features and characters to an extant being.

However, recent studies, in particular the work of Dr. Edward Darmos and Gemini Somatics are revealing that human cloning isn’t necessary and instead a process called synthetic somatology is a better solution to …