Work From Anywhere With Business Continuity Solutions


With the advent of the remote desktops and desktop virtualization software tools and applications, business continuity has become an imperative aspect for almost any and every business firm. The simple reason is being to be able to maintain the productivity even when workers or employees are not being able to make it to the office owing to some unwarranted situations.

To further aid the process, eminent service providers have come up with efficient business continuity solutions that results in numerous benefits such as zero service interruption in case there is an emergency, for both the remote desktop users as well as the SSL VPN appliance users. Furthermore, this also allows additional employees beyond those already daily-synchronized user license, and log in as required. For this, there is no need for phone calls or any other activities by the IT.

The key benefits of the Business continuity VPN are as follows:-

1. It burst only when required so that any employee is able to access business-crucial resources, applications, or desktop PCs anytime, from anywhere

2. IT department not saddled with additional device expense just to enable users who only need access during emergencies

3. Offers industry’s highest-performing secure remote access gateway, with a performance reliability for the total workforce on a single platform

4. There is no intervention needed by IT during an emergency situation, thus ensuring that business continuity does not center on any one process or person

5. It is extremely elastic in terms of number of users and time required for bursting

6. It never expires and is forever activated, and only counts down one day at a time based on actual usage only

Service providers of business continuity solutions make their applications successful with the help of a remote desktop. These desktops allow the employees to use their own virtual desktops or PC’s from any location so that they are able to complete their work when they are away from office for personal reasons or when travelling. These desktops leverage trustworthy, scalable and safe methodologies in order to provide a comprehensive enterprise-class solution for remote desktop control and access.

Further, it helps in averting business disruptions. Business setbacks always result in a monetary loss for the organization. These Desktops offer Cloud application delivery services that allow employees who do not have their laptops to work even when they are away from their respective workstations. This in turn leads to increased productivity and revenues for the organization.