The Betting Culture in Italy


The phenomenon of betting sites in Italy has exploded in the last two decades and is relatively recent if it is compared with the centuries-old English tradition. In the countries of Great Britain, focusing on any type of event and in the most disparate ways is a custom long established. It is no coincidence that in our country overseas bookmakers who want to import a culture to which Italians were not accustomed are increasing dramatically. For years and years educated to play the Totocalcio card, the people of the Boot have gradually discovered the fun that you can try to bet money on markets other than the 1X2 and to be able to play even on midweek events and not only on those scheduled on weekends. Such freedom of action has led to current popularity. The data on the sports betting sector reported by AGIMEG regarding 2015 are particularly significant in this sense. Last year, in fact, around € 5.5 billion was collected by operators, an increase of 28% compared to 2014. Bet365, SNAI and Better were the bookmakers who achieved the highest revenues. A similar success is mainly due to the expansion of the online market. Football is still the most popular sport, but other sports are also teasing fans of betting, especially when the ball goes on vacation. Also noteworthy is a significant increase in the interest of women, which according to a research carried out by Betclic spend on average € 14.52 per bet against € 13.18 for men. Playing on sporting events is and must remain an entertainment and not become an obsession. The best betting sites publish on their own web pages all the information necessary to have a responsible approach avoiding that the passion turns into pathology. To make sure that the fun remains the same, a practical tip is to give yourself a weekly or monthly budget to dedicate to betting and never overdo it. Online bookmakers offer this opportunity by default. Just go to your account settings and enter the maximum amount you want to spend in a given time frame. It is also preferable to focus only on sports that are known and on championships and on the most familiar teams. Being well informed allows you to leave less room for the case and therefore to greatly increase the chances of success.