A Brief History of Detailing

Auto Detailing of Motor Vehicles Car washing is not as specified as auto detailing of vehicles. It involves extensive cleaning of the interiors of the car and the exterior of a vehicle. Special tools are needed while carrying out the auto detailing process. The process requires ample time before it is finished. There are special places where the car detailing is done and cannot be compared to car washing which can be done anywhere. Auto detailing can be done for all the vehicles. Regulations for detailing should be adhered to for better work and also avoid causing any mechanical or electrical problem to the vehicle. Vehicles for sales mostly undergo this process. Clean vehicles are more commercial than dirty cars. Exterior car detailing deals with cleaning of the exterior of a vehicle. An exhaustive cleaning exercise is carried out to eliminate all the dirt. Soap used in the cleaning of this vehicles is allowed to foam to soften and lift the dirt to the ground. Special brushes are used and wheel cleaning products to clean the wheels and the brakes. Soft microfiber towels are used in cleaning the paintwork from the top to the bottom of the vehicle. The firmly bonded dirt are eliminated by clay bars in a process referred to as claying.
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Its right to make the color look polished. When there are scratches ion the body of the vehicle, polishing can be done to eliminate them. Where there is oxidation and swirl marks polishing is also done to remove them. Time made before finishing of this exercise depends on the condition of the car. The paint is waxed to give it a protective cover and to make the car shine. Windows and the rubbers are also attended to make the whole of the exterior look bright.
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Detailing is also done on the inside of a vehicle. When washing the car, usually, some parts are not tampered with depending on their nature and also where they are situated. It’s not advisable to use water on the interior of a car that is covered with fabric. In detailing process vacuuming is used. The inside is shampooed to make sure all dirt and stains are removed from the car interiors. Cleaning and polishing of the glasses inside is a very important of the detailing process. Engine bay cleaning is only done where the owner requests for it to be done since it’s not a must. This is a necessary step that makes it easy for mechanics to identify any engine problem. Mechanics also love working on clean engines which does not stain their clothes while doing their job. Old cars add value when subjected to the proper detailing process. Detailing a car makes it market-friendly and can be sold at ease. Protection of the paints and the car, in general, is guaranteed as possible corrosive materials are eliminated. During the process it’s easy to note the problems in the vehicle.